On entering the Freedom Museum complex, visitors experience history, becoming active participants in the drama and patriotic spirit that unfold in the Museum’s exhibits and programs.  A visit to the Freedom Museum is evocative and interactive.

The Freedom Museum is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers.  No salaries are paid and all donations of time and money go directly to advancing the mission of the Museum.  Many of them are walking artifacts and can tell you how their service made history.

Students:  Ask one of our veterans about the scavenger hunt.  You will be given a clip board with the questions on it and an opportunity to win a prize.

School Teachers:  You can book the “Footlocker Program” for your classroom.  One of our veterans will come to your school with artifacts and source documents to teach a class on “WW II,  what it was like in uniform and on the home front.”  The B-25 bomber on a trailer can be parked in a parking lot near your classroom to enhance the students learning experience.

Schedule A Group Tour

Group tours are free but need to be arranged in advance to ensure we can focus on your groups needs.  Reserve your tour today online, or call 703-393-0660 if you would like to speak to a staff volunteer.


Speaking Engagements

If you are interested in arranging a speaking engagement with a Veteran either at the Museum or in your community, please contact us at: 703-393-0660.