This is a picture of the cockpit of the “Spirit of St. Louis”, the airplane in which Charles Lindberg flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris on May 20 -21, 1927.

The cockpit is very basic as can be seen by the wicker chair at the bottom of the picture. Lindberg used this as his seat on this epic flight.

The series of valves just under the instrument panel are the method Lindberg used to control the flow of fuel from various tanks to the engine. The pencil marks on the upper right side of the panel are how he kept track of tank changes.

Just left center of the instrument panel is a periscope which allowed Lindberg to see forward. This was necessary since a large tank of gasoline was positioned directly in front of him where a wind screen would normally be.
Adjacent to the picture is an invoice from Ryan Airlines, Inc., the builder of the Spirit, for various instruments and marked “Rec’d Payment” for $923.27.

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