Senator (VA) Charles J. Colgan Devoted to Family, Dedicated Public Servant, U.S. Army Air Corps WW II Veteran and Loyal Friend & Founding Supporter of the Freedom Museum. We wish to publicly acknowledge the longstanding, unfettered support and unselfish dedication of Senator Colgan in behalf of the Freedom Museum throughout these many years. Senator Colgan’s.. read more →

William Aumen William Aumen “Bill” a rare American breed of warrior, joined the Army at age 17 with the permission of his parents. He entered Boot Camp at Ft Picket Va. in July 1950. His chosen MOS was Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD). His first assignment was to Korea and the 75th Infantry Division. In this.. read more →

Black Americans have served in the uniform of the Unites States military from the very beginning of the republic.  Up until President Truman’s Executive Order in July of 1948, black Americans generally served in segregated units and at times under foreign leadership.   Like the rest of the country, Prince William County’s Black American’s served.. read more →

Private First Class Richard Norris Bean Private First Class Richard Norris Bean was born in Princeton, West Virginia on the 6th of August 1919.  Richard was the third son of Arthur and Rosie Bean.  The Bean family grew to seven boys and one girl.  His family first moved to Montgomery County, Va, near the home.. read more →

Lance Corporal Eli Tice USMC Eli Tice grew up around Charlestown, West Virginia.  His grandfather was a Marine, his Dad and older brother are Marines, so there was no doubt in Eli’s mind, he was going to be a Marine.  At 17, with the permission of his parents, he signed up. September 7th 2008, he.. read more →

Private James W. Keys, a soldier from Prince William County, served in the famous “Wildcat Division” in World War I. He used scraps of paper and a tiny blue notebook to vividly detail his experiences. The following is the last chapter in his diary describing the final hours of the “Great War” as seen through.. read more →

William Baker’s wife, Nellie, donated his collection of model airplanes to the Freedom Museum. With the models came a copy of his war diary. William was a B-24 bombardier and flew 47 missions as a member of the 98th Bomb Group. He was from Virginia (Norton) and went through the various training schools that were.. read more →

S/Sgt Monaghan’s Final Flight March 25th 1945 The Maruson crew, with S/Sgt Monaghan flying as right waist gunner, was flying in the high right element lead ship position of the Lead Squadron with Lt. Kaiser’s plane on the right wing in the formation join-up plan during Group-assembly operations. After the collision, the Markuson plane, B-24.. read more →

From VMF 213 squadron diary June 30, 1943, a typical day of that period, saw VMF 213 fly an intercept mission to Rendova in the morning and went out again in the afternoon t cover shipping in the same area.  They flew for three and a half hours, but could not locate any enemy planes… read more →